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Chatham Animal Rescue & Education (CARE)

Mission: The mission of Chatham Animal Rescue & Education (CARE) is to promote the health and safety of all dogs and cats in Chatham County, NC. CARE foster caregivers provide loving, stable homes to homeless cats and dogs, helping them become the best possible pets for their future forever families. CARE works with the Chatham County Animal Shelter to save the lives of unwanted cats and dogs, manages feral cat colonies, and serves as an educational resource. CARE’s Lillie’s Fund is a targeted spay/neuter program, subsidizing sterilization surgeries for pets owned by lower income families in Chatham County. CARE is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that has served the community since 1975 and relies on individual and corporate donors for support.

CARE has nurtured a collaborative relationship with Chatham County Animal Services and the Chatham County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Since the early-2000s, CARE has hosted Chatham County Animal Shelter cats at PetSmart, resulting in hundreds of shelter cats being adopted. Both CARE dog and cat foster caregivers obtain a majority of the animals in foster care from the shelter and CARE volunteers help transport shelter pets when necessary.

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Chatham Animal Rescue & Education: About Us

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are a few, but not all, of the opportunities to help this organization.

Foster homes for dogs or cats, Fundraising Committee, Adoption Event Volunteers, PetSmart Volunteer, Marketing, Education, Office Administration

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Chatham Animal Rescue & Education: Who We Are


Post Office Box 610
Pittsboro, NC 27312

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