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Our mission to serve children has grown through the decades, but volunteers have been central to North Carolina Guardian ad Litem from the start. Read a brief history of our mission below, as well as why volunteers are so essential to our mission today.

When speaking about child victim advocacy in court, the question sometimes arises, “Why use volunteers?” Answering that question for North Carolina entails an evolving history spanning nearly a decade, but the short answer is that volunteers are effective. The model of co-appointing volunteers and attorneys to speak for abused and neglected children in court provides strong, competent advocacy to the children who need it.

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Guardian Ad Litem: About Us

Volunteer Opportunities

As a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, you can help by:

Making a difference in the lives of people, especially abused and neglected children
Gaining a greater sense of connection to your community by championing the best interests of children

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Guardian Ad Litem: Who We Are


901 Corporate Center Drive Raleigh, NC 27607

(800) 982-4041

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