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Helps Education Fund

Mission: With a focus on improving educational equity and promoting a more just society, Helps Education Fund provides evidence-based programs and services that are free or low-cost and meaningfully advance student learning.

Helps Education Fund is a nonprofit organization located in North Carolina. Through collaborative partnerships, we provide programs and services that meaningfully advance learning outcomes for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. These programs and services are evidence-based, easy to use, and free or low cost.

To promote educational equity, we focus our efforts on partnering with educators and community organizations that serve a high percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged and/or perform below adequate levels in core academic skills.

Helps Education Fund is committed to improving educational equity because inequitable education contributes to systems of oppression, poverty, and other undesirable circumstances that unfairly harm individuals, communities, and a collective society.

Although Helps Education Fund is based in the United States, we support communities and educators throughout the world.

Helps Education Fund: About Us

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for committed volunteers to become tutors and support a child through our HELPS One-on-One program. Other volunteer opportunities (regardless of your location) include assistance with communication and outreach, video and material development, language translation, fundraising, serving on the governing board or a committee, and more. 

Helps Education Fund: Who We Are


2009 Fairview Rd. Box 6667, Raleigh, NC 2762

(919) 889-2798

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