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KOINONIA, A Community Garden

Mission: KOINONIA, A Community Garden is a garden for the community that is hosted by both Evergreen UMC and Christ UMC.

As the area around North Chatham is being built up, we want everyone to have access to the freshest produce. We also want people who are moving here to have a place where they can get to know their neighbors. And what better way to do that than outdoors, in nature, working together while having fun together!

KOINONIA, A Community Garden: About Us

Volunteer Opportunities

How do I get involved? That’s easy, just show up on a work day! You can join as a member of the garden.  $25 per family for three seasons (spring, summer and fall) or $10 for just one season, your choice. Scholarships are available. We ask that all members make a minimum commitment to work four hours a month but chances are you will want to be in the garden more often taking advantage of all the growing and learning activities!

KOINONIA, A Community Garden: Who We Are


​11098 US 15-501N, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(919) 968-0198

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