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Sprott Youth Center

The Sprott Youth Center promotes the development of the youth and other persons of the Moncure and surrounding communities, to include but not limited to academics, health education, athletics, and fellowship activities. In addition, it shall be  used for community events.

The facility currently known as the Sprott Youth Center was erected circa 1936 as a gymnasium on the Old Moncure School property. Many of Moncure’s citizens attended school there, participated in a variety of activities in the gymnasium, and value this property because of their fond memories and the historical value of the facility to the community.

Over the years, hundreds of youth have participated in activities at the facility including scouting, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, foosball, and educational programs and have gone together to summer camps. Many community events have been held at the center and have even been catered out of the on-site kitchen.

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Sprott Youth Center: About Us

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer many volunteer opportunities at the Sprott Youth Center; reserve your place today!

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Sprott Youth Center: Who We Are


  • 80 Sprott Center Drive Moncure, NC 27559

(919) 533-9422

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