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The Learning Trail

The Learning Trail is a non-profit working in North Carolina to provide low-income children through 8th grade and their families with needed academic and social support to reach their full academic potential.

In a mobile home community called The Nature Trail, many children from low-income Latino families struggle to overcome obstacles to academic success. The Learning Trail seeks to provide the support that they and their families need to overcome those obstacles through early childhood programs, after-school tutoring, summer enrichment camp and parent education. A group of former educators recognized the need for academic support for children in a neighboring mobile home community. They initiated a program that has grown to serve hundreds of children over the last 12 years. The Learning Trail has mobilized volunteers from a wide area to serve as tutors and counselors. It has earned the respect and recognition of many local foundations, corporations and individuals who provide financial support. Most importantly, it has attracted, educated and inspired youngsters to apply themselves to their academics and has encouraged their families to provide the support that they require.

The Learning Trail: About Us

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a number of needs for volunteers at The Learning Trail. You can find out more here.

The Learning Trail: Who We Are


P.O. Box 3061 Chapel Hill, NC 27515

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